eSecurity Solutions

Mellon cooperates with Thales to help organizations reduce risk, demonstrate compliance, enhance agility, and pursue strategic goals with greater confidence, by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information that flows through today’s traditional, virtualized, and cloud-based infrastructures.

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Thales e-Security provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for performing secure cryptographic processing, key protection, and key management. With these devices you can deploy high assurance security solutions that satisfy widely established and emerging standards of due care for cryptographic systems and practices – while also maintaining high levels of operational efficiency.

The payShield Family of Payment HSMs

payShield 9000 from Thales is a proven HSM that is dedicated to the payment industry for transaction processing and key management. Thales payment HSMs are the most widely deployed in the world, used in an estimated 80% of payment card transactions.

payShield 9000 provides features to support the latest card scheme payment applications for contact chip, contactless chip, and mobile secure elements and to support evolving standards from leading industry organizations including PCI SSC, Global Platform, and Multos International.

The nShield™ Family of General Purpose HSMs

nShield general purpose HSMs from Thales provide support for the widest range of cryptographic algorithms, application programming interfaces (APIs) and host operating systems, enabling the devices to be used with virtually any business application – from identity management, web services and database encryption to tokenization, PKI services and strong authentication.

mPOS Security

Thales hardware security modules (HSMs), both payShield 9000 and nShield, are already helping PSPs to deliver secure mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions to large numbers of merchants, some accepting card payments for the first time.

The HSM performs three critical functions for PSPs – managing keys for the card readers, decrypting the encrypted transaction data received from the merchants and translating the PIN blocks for online PIN-based transactions. payShield 9000 meets all the relevant payment security certification standards (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM) in addition to supporting various algorithms and key management methods used in mPOS transactions –  with the ability to add custom functions to meet individual PSP requirements if necessary.

Mellon with Thales mPOS Security solutions, enables all PSPs to choose from a wide range of card readers, providing a fast, efficient and proven security solution with minimum integration risk.