Business Process Outsourcing

Mellon undertakes projects that optimize its customers’ business processes, freeing valuable resources and providing world class service when and where the need arises.


Investing on cutting edge technology (advanced workflow and document management applications, heavy duty scanners and OCR), Mellon provides data entry, digitization and data migration solutions and secures the continuity and security of data.

Data Entry – Data Cleansing

Mellon has developed methods and techniques in order to propose smart solutions for data collection, necessary for the normalization and cleansing of databases for the organization and reduction of corporations’ operational cost.

File Management

Mellon fully undertakes the management of its customers’ files and historical documents, including cataloging, filing, digitization, and creation of corresponding databases.

Document Processing

Mellon undertakes the secure, timely and accurate processing of documents and vouchers, including checks and invoices, on behalf of its customers.

Customized BPO Services

These services are based on the analysis of our customers’ existing operation, realized by experienced operational analysts and aiming to the effective and logical management of a corporation’s supportive operations.