Fireproof Safes & Cabinets

Mellon cooperates with FireKing to provide a wide range of fireproof file cabinets, designed to fit any filing requirement, space constraint, and budget both for documents and data files.

Our fireproof safes and cabinets, designed to withstand exposure to fire and impact while maintaining the integrity of their contents, protect critical records, providing all the benefits of larger filing cabinets at an attractive price. They are appropriate for paper or data files.


Fireproof Safes & Cabinets:

  • Certified according to American (UL) and (EN) European Standards
  • 1-3 hour protection to high temperatures and tested for impact and explosions.
  • Our cabinets are also available in 2 to 6-drawer models, single or double doors, in several dimensions and locking systems.

Fireproof Cabinets for Papers:

  • Water-proof resistance
  • 30 minute fireproof protection for data files

Two-Year Warranty

Ask us about the extremely appealing warranty available from FireKing which provides you with free of charge repair or replacement in case of malfunction or damage.

Along with its popular line of Fireproof Safe Cabinets, Mellon provides a wide range of fireproof doors, compartments and data safes, tested under the stringiest conditions.