Secure Entrance Doors & Turnstiles

Mellon’s proposition for secure entrance systems helps prevent criminal activity where it matters the most: at the doorway.

Secure Entrance Doors

With ergonomic designs and certified materials and parts for their resilience and endurance, our Secure Entrance Doors help organizations provide their customers with a safe and convenient experience at the branch, from their very first step.

Our Security Entrance Doors are available in a wide range of models and versions, featuring:

  • Ergonomic designs
  • Certified materials and parts (anti-robbery, anti-vandal, bullet proof)
  • Nation-wide technical support services in each country
  • Custom design to fully meet the organization’s specifications for each location
  • Experienced team of mechanics & builders securing a professional look and feel to each installation
  • A wide range of optional security and operational features

Basic Features & Characteristics

  • Single or double
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual
  • Volumetric sensors for left object sensor and single person passage
  • Metal detectors
  • Camera with face recognition software
  • Connection with central safety and fire alarm systems

Certifications: Anti-Robbery, Anti-Vandal and Bullet-Proof

  • Aluminum frames and all door aluminum parts are certified by the ENV-1627 standards in the category 2 (WK2) for their anti-robbery and anti-vandal endurance
  • All glass parts (crystals) are certified according to the anti-vandal EN 356 standards (grades P62-P67) and/or bullet-proof EN 1063 standards


The most ideal physical barriers to support a high user throughput, common in spaces like offices, factories, stations, stadiums, and airports. They combine safety and comfort simultaneously, high resistance to vandalism, high screening level. They integrate card readers and customizable system solutions.