Anti-Skimming Solutions

To help financial institutions maximize the security level of transactions at the ATM, Mellon introduces two tested solutions that can fit any ATM, regardless of manufacturer or type, bringing a host of advantages:

Espier EVO1i PINGuard™ advantages:

  1. It fits to SST made by the following manufacturers: Diebold Nixdorf, NCR, GRG Banking, etc
  2. It blocs camera view on PIN pad, allowing the customer to use the PIN pad safely
  3. It can be fitted by an unskilled person in 15-30 minutes. No tools needed (everything needed is in the box)
  4. If damaged, all parts can be easily replaced
  5. It is specially designed, as to allow easy access to cash and receipt slots
  6. It is designed to meet the PCI Security Standard regulations

TMD CPK Antiskimming advantages:

  1. It is constructed in collaboration with global ATM manufacturers and works for every ATM model.
  2. The only anti-skimming solution that is proven to defend against stereo skimming with more than 265.000 installations worldwide
  3. There is no certification or host changed required
  4. Can deliver central monitoring of all the installed devices
  5. It is available in various configuration fitting specific security needs, starting with drilling, tilt and vibration detection up to card trapping
  6. Any update of the CPK is easy and can be added to protect against new types of attack, without having to replace the original CPK module

Separate or bundled together, Espier’s pin shield and TMD’s anti-skimming solutions, will help minimize fraud and skimming attempts at your self-service network, and increase your customers’ sense of safety during their transaction with the ATM.