Electronic Statements Software

Soon to be an expectation of your clients, having highly personalized data that can be delivered, viewed and interactive with on the go, online or offline, and from any iOS or Android tablet. You can offer multiple views of the same data plus let customers export it to other applications. This value added service and flexibility means the customer experience is enriched and your engagement improved.

Enable your customers to:

  • View statements on and offline
  • Click and interact with statements
  • Filter to personalize statement views
  • Easily view multiple accounts
  • Export data as Excel or Secure PDF anytime
  • Drill down to single transaction detail
  • View transactions through attractive charts
  • Experience real-time interaction
  • Interact with statements on any PC iOS or Android tablet
  • Better manage their own money

Driving innovation

Using HTML5 technology for improved experience, Inspire Dynamic Statement integrates into your line of business systems meaning no change in processes. You get a better understanding of your customers, more opportunities to cross and up sell, increased proactivity yet still ensuring compliance and integration.

Enable your business to:

  • Track customers’ click and views
  • Act quickly to needs highlighted for action
  • Use statements to promote ancillary products
  • Deliver highly personalized offers
  • Engagement through surveys and live chat
  • Quickly set up, no impact to existing Processes
  • Use any existing line of business system output
  • Gain better insight into customer preferences
  • Instantly deliver dynamic statements
  • Reduce inbound calls
  • Capitalize on disruptive and growing technology