Mellon ATM Advertising

Customers today live in a time-starved, channel rich environment and expect to be able to communicate with you in a way that suits them, whether it’s at the ATM, on their mobile phone or in your branch. For you, it is the ideal opportunity to tell them something new and to engage with them in a highly targeted way.

ATM CRM system Joono – Cardtronics

joono is i-design’s groundbreaking, end-to-end software solution that enables you to take full control of your digital customer engagement strategy and places the ATM at the heart of your multi-channel marketing mix.

joono enables seamless multi-channel customer engagement across digital channels (including mobile and internet), by providing a single, central interface that delivers and manages all your end-point communications, seamlessly and easily.

Benefits of joono:

  • Generate scalable revenue via own advertising and cross-selling
    • The result of accurate customer targeting, personal engagement and increased loyalty is of course, increased revenue
    • joono enables you to secure additional income streams through the ability to engage your customers on a number of different levels, instantly capture valuable CRM data and ultimately enable your customers to fulfill your offer there and then
  • Generate scalable revenue with little labor via third party advertising
    • Consumers seem to prefer the idea of having that waiting time filled with something engaging — so long as it does not prolong their time at the cash machine — and, of course, advertisers gain because the interaction is ‘one-to-one’ and highly focused.
  • Maximize impact and effectiveness through intelligent segmentation, targeting and dynamically interactive features
  • Enrich customer engagement with Built-in on-screen prompts and dynamic receipt printing
  • Measure the performance and success of your campaign with dynamic real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Fill the gap between your CRM system and customer facing touch-points, by providing a sophisticated and engaging digital delivery cross-platform