Kiosk and Payment Terminals

Custom Kiosk Terminals

Mellon has been supplying innovative top quality self-service and process transformation and automation solutions and products.

Apart from standard self-service terminals, we can deliver Kiosk models, with full integration of the latest technologies or tailored solutions to customer specs. Our portfolio consists of:

  • Document submission and handling
  • Casinos and Slot halls
  • Info & Internet access
  • Multi function payments
  • Petrol Stations
  • Ticketing

Bill Payment Terminals

Mellon offers multifunctional Bill Payment terminals designed to be compact and with an innovative industrial the design.

Thanks to their modular structure and open architecture, these terminals can provide a wide variety of services on and off bank premises:

  • Bill payment terminal
  • Note deposit and cash dispensing machine
  • Pension payments in exact amounts
  • Note dispensing
  • Coin accepting
  • Coin dispensing
  • Note accepting

In the bill payment terminal the bar code reader identifies the bill and amount. Bank notes are then inserted in the note acceptor and change is delivered by the cash dispenser and by three large capacity coin hoppers.

Finally, the thermal printer provides the customer a detailed receipt of the transaction.