Payment Terminals Ecosystem

Bill Payment

Bar code scanning to retrieve Bill details for all public utility Bills. Interfacing with all major interfaces of Acquirers, delivering bill payment services (country specific).


A client/server based terminal management system developed and maintained by Mellon to cover the needs of any Acquirer regarding the management of medium and high volume EFTPOS estates.

Key Generate

An application that automates the generation of unique keys, contained in secure protected files, ready to be imported in Key Injection applications of EFTPOS terminals significantly reducing the internal management cost for the Acquirer.

Key Inject – Local

A software application that performs the management and secure injection of Encryption Keys (TMK, MAC, Secure Link Keys) into the Cryptoprocessor of various types of EFTPOS terminals. Mellon Key Inject application is always combined with a Thales HSM ensuring maximum security for the Acquiring Bank.

Key Inject – Remote

Mellon Key Inject (Remote) application performs the remote management and secure injection of Encryption Keys (TMK, MAC, Secure Link Keys) into the Cryptoprocessor of various  types of EFTPOS terminals and supports remote management and transfer of Security certificates used from EFTPOS terminals for SSL\TLS connections with Acquirer front end systems.

Telecommunication Services

Optional usage of Multi Operator service from a single SIM from an international Service Provider and optional pooling capability.

Navision Service Module

Mellon provides to both Acquiring Banks and Technical agents access to the unique system of electronic follow-up NAVISION (through a web application) that has been developed in-house in order to serve exclusively the specific needs of support and follow-up of work that is executed for the maintenance of the eftPOS terminals.

Having access to the system allows operators to log in using a unique authorization code in order to view:

  • all open issues in real time (Settlement of damage, Installations, Upgrade requests etc.) their status, the time that was required from the time that the problem was reported until the eftPOS was fixed or replaced.
  • the activities that are executed on the POS Network by Mellon’s Technical Support team for all the activities in support of the POS terminals (interventions for installations, damages, upgrades, merchant training etc.).

eftPOS network management equipment

  • NCC: In order to suit the permanent need of POS networking around the world, Ingenico has designed the Network Communication Controller (NCC). NCC can be used as LAN Controller, Transaction router and Dial-up POS concentrator. NCC modular design offers enough flexibility to respond efficiently to customer needs. It is fully programmable and easily customisable for networking and banking requirements.
  • SSL Accelerator: Application Delivery Controllers are SSL bulk Encryption / Decryption devices dedicated to protect sensitive information over open networks at very high speeds.