Electronic Signature

Mellon provides organizations of any size and sector a ground-breaking e-signature solution. By integrating an electronic signature solution into existing business processes and workflows, an organization could reduce cost and save valuable time that was spent previously waiting for documents to be printed out, signed, scanned or faxed and then recaptured. The use of e-signature technology allows for the complete elimination of the mailing, storage, filing, copying, and retrieval of paper documents.

More specifically, users can hand-sign electronic documents via a signature pad, upon which the documents can be directly integrated into further electronic workflows – without ever having to change formats. The application is suitable for all business sectors, and thanks to its simple, intuitive user interface, it seamlessly integrates with existing business systems.

 The document that was generated in a company’s existing software environment is displayed on screen, the user signs it using the signature pad, and the signature is digitally and securely inserted into the document. Upon signing, characteristic data of the signature such as writing speed and pressure are securely stored in the document. These data can later be verified by a handwriting expert, just like any handwritten signature.

The transfer of data from the pad to the computer is encrypted, ensuring maximum safety. After confirmation, the signed document is automatically archived in electronic format and can be accessed at any time.