Virtual POS – B2B acquiring

Mellon’s Batch Authorization Application is a secure and efficient solution, developed for the processing of recurring bills of service, with which companies charge their customers. It works like a connecting factor, linking the three parties involved in a recurring transaction: the end customer’ banking card, the service provider billing process and the acquiring Bank that processes these transactions.

Batch Authorization Application is a well-established processing solution, launched in 2001 and deployed by several Acquiring Banks and Processors. The second generation of Batch Authorization Application was introduced in 2013.

Benefits of Batch Authorization Application:

  • Efficiently processes multiple and high volume transaction files from several merchants (service providers)
  • Fully configurable and customizable to meet each and every business or technical need
  • Provides analytical reporting of the processed transactions
  • Supports different user levels with predefined rights
  • It is easy to use and simple to implement
  • It’s up-to-date with the latest security standards