ATM Additional Solutions and Add-Ons

Electronic Journal

Mellon’s Electronic Journal (EJ) is a client-server based application that is compatible with all vendors, ATM applications and ATM models. The development environment is the Microsoft Visual Studio and it uses a popular technological framework (.NET 2.0/3.0 framework). The solution is 100% compatible and customizable and easy to integrate, develop and maintain.

Among the advantages a bank can enjoy upon installation are:

  • Elimination of costs & troubleshooting related to the use of journal printers and paper
  • Increase of ATM availability
  • Faster and easier dispute resolution for bank and customers

Monitoring Solutions

Reaching revenue targets only occurs with maximum device and network availability.

Mellon’s monitoring solutions, enable the management of a bank’s networks on a real time basis increasing device and network availability.

Device Manager

Mellon offers Device Manager, an event-driven problem management system from Fiserv designed to receive, analyze, respond to and manage critical self-service device information.

It includes automated problem detection, tracking, dispatching and service provider management, escalation and resolution functionality, and report generation and distribution and can support any device or cash point type, including ATMs, kiosks, self-service devices, cash dispensing units and POS devices.

  • Automate the end-to-end process from problem detection to resolution
  • Increase device and network availability
  • Receive real-time alerts