Loyalty & Giftcard Solutions

Mellon helps merchants introduce and effectively harness loyalty programs, either card-based or linked to a mobile application. Mellon enhances its loyalty solutions offering, with management and monitoring tools that let you dynamically interact with consumers and build profitable, long-term customer relationships. Loyalty programs help to increase retention, incremental spending and acquisition rates for your business.


An ideal tool to enhance customer loyalty, increase traffic, attract new customers, acquire statistical data, and promote your brand.


Strengthen your presence in your target market, while fully tracking program usage to adjust for high-impact results.


For simple or complex applications, together we design the solution that best suits your needs and budgets.

Card-based Loyalty Solutions

A powerful and widespread tool, giving your customers personalized cards for exclusive benefits in your points of sale or service. With a variety of amazing materials, shapes and styles for the cards and packaging, you can create unique designs that will promote your brand.

Mobile Loyalty Apps

Today’s customers want interactivity and instant gratification in their shopping experiences. Linking your loyalty program to a mobile application, can bring back both sales and consumer enthusiasm to your business and your brands. Taking advantage of the capabilities that mobile technology offers, your loyalty program becomes more interactive and fast, offering a variety of extra choices: additional features, special offers and discounts available only on the app, ad hoc campaign promotions, more efficient administration of accounts and reward points balance, m-surveys.