Network Analysis

Mellon cooperates with Experian to provide much needed intelligence, analytical tools and marketing services with its Network Analysis solution. Network Analysis is a demographic analysis tool which gives organisations a deep understanding of their customers and locations.

The knowledge of the customer and his/her buying behavior gives the opportunity to the company to implement an effective communication strategy with the client, and improve the promotion and cross-selling activities of the company to existing customers.

The analysis of population composition for each selected region, according to the different types that live within these regions, provides information to the company in order to improve its existing branch network, and identify appropriate locations for new branches.



  • Understand and target consumers consistently across all channels – and allocate your online and offline media spend to best effect
  • Get more from your marketing by bringing all your activity together under one classification system
  • Improve the customer experience to secure a competitive advantage

With Mellon’s Network Analysis you can:

  • Accurately engage customers and prospects with consistent messages across all channels
  • Reach the right target audience with the right message at the right time
  • Personalise your customer communications to enhance their experience and drive retention
  • Find optimum locations for new stores by understanding catchment profiles