Retail Card Solutions

Mellon’s offering for retailers, ranges from building a totally tailored card-based scheme to translating this scheme into a mobile application with a host of features to complement it.

You can combine these solutions to capture the lifestyle of the different age groups you target, or you can choose either one depending on your customers’ profile. The key benefits are the same:


Increase your profitability, promote your brand and capture critical customer data by strategically managing your customers and enhancing your customer proposition and satisfaction. Provide them an incentive to keep coming back, thus retaining and even growing your clientele with attractive loyalty cards.


Increase your revenue and your brand awareness as you relieve your customers of the burden of selecting specific gifts. Offer them a non-monetary alternative and allow them to give the gift that lets the recipients choose. Additional benefits of such cards include the attraction of new customers and the reduction of fraud.


Organize your fleet and better manage related expenses with an easier way to pay for fuel and servicing that offers convenience, effective reporting, centralised billing, reduced administration and real savings.


Captivate customers and build strong relationships with compelling membership cards. Give members high-quality personalized cards for easy identification and access control as effective customer membership card programs convert first time visitors into full-time advocates.