CRM.COM Rewards & Billing Platform

Mellon with a long tradition in implementing a wide range of successful loyalty schemes for different businesses and sectors, is proposing/utilizing CRM.COM’s platform.

CRM.COM is a feature rich, highly configurable, packaged Billing and Rewards solution.  Our software enables our clients to bill from a few thousands to millions of subscribers and at the same time reward customers, staff and channels for their loyalty and performance.


The Billing module identifies rates and invoices all billable services and physical goods that customers subscribed to or were delivered to as part of a Job. Billing is performed through Normal Billing runs, a billing mechanism which is used in cases where customers start using the services that they subscribed to or were delivered to them and by the end of their billing frequency period they are charged for those services.

Normal billing runs can manage:

  • Pre-Billed services: services which should be billed in advance before they have been used, either period based or anniversary based.
  • Post-Billed services: services which should be billed after they have been used.


The Subscriptions module allows you to create and maintain all of your customers’ subscriptions, where subscriptions represent the agreement between a customer and the service company for services provided on a recurring basis and paid either before or after they have been used.

Price Plans

Price Plans are a set of rates which define the amount that an accounts receivable should be billed based on the services or physical goods that were sold or provided to the accounts receivable owner. Price plans can be conditional, meaning that the rates that are specified will only be applied if the specified conditions are fulfilled.


The CRM.COM Rewards Application is designed to be easily set up by your business and marketing teams and allows you to score your customers’ loyalty and value and selectively and individually reward them with conditional cashback

Launch a competitive scheme

CRM.COM enables the retailer to provide cashback awards based on multiple award conditions such as transaction amount, product, channel or customer characteristics. These awards are in the form of cashback and can be conditional, meaning that they can be spent on specific products, at specific times and/or at specific outlets. Conditional cashback allows the retailer to channel awards to “the right” products and offer increased awards.


CRM.COM is truly collaboration-enabled, allowing partners to join schemes and co-fund awards and spends. Partners can be independent, having their own separate setup or simply be a channel for the company that owns the scheme.

Ready to go

CRM.COM provides full automation of the whole reward scheme, including award and spend rules, partner contributions and the required settlement process. In addition, a full Web Service API is published in order to allow POS and other systems to integrate to CRM.COM.

Ideal for reward operators

A reward operator is an organization that undertakes to implement a rewards solution for a number of merchants in a coalitional manner. CRM.COM is ideal for operators and it makes sure that all processes are automated, including the complex settlement and operator fee billing processes.

Gift cards

CRM.COM provides a gift card solution as part of its reward engine, where real time gift cards can be purchased by customers. Gift cards can be one-off or top-up and can be coupled with a reward scheme, creating a powerful consumer offering.