Terminal Peripherals

Banking PIN Pads

Our PIN Pad solutions are easily connected to cash registers and collection systems to accept contactless payment and provide additional privacy and security at the PIN entry stage. They enable merchants to accept a variety of electronic payments such as MSR, EMV smart cards and loyalty and pre-payment schemes.

Contactless Readers

The ideal devices to upgrade any terminal with a certified solution for EMV contactless acceptance, it offers fast, convenient and secure contactless technology to reduce transaction times at Point-of-Sale.

POS Stands

With the increasing use of chip and pin, eftPOS terminals need to become easily accessible to your customers. This calls for an ergonomic support base that will secure the terminal while facilitating its use by both the customer and the employee.

Car chargers

If you’re on the road, this car charger will keep your portable Ingenico terminal running. It simply plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle.


The carry holster is designed to protect your portable eftPOS terminal while it is not active. The holster has a belt clip and shoulder strap, to facilitate you while transacting ‘on the go’.