Integrated Currency Manager

Whether you have tens or thousands of currency points in your supply chain such as ATMs, branches, stores, vaults, selfservice currency devices or third-party currency storage facilities, Fiserv’s Integrated Currency Manager provides the intelligence you need to forecast currency across town or across the globe.

Combining comprehensive forecasting functionality with historical utilisation trends and known local events, Integrated Currency Manager allows your organisation to easily manage your enterprise currency requirements.

The result is optimised currency holdings and reduced expenses – with maximised currency availability for customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates excess currency inventories and increases capital availability for investment
  • Accurately forecasts currency demand for all cash point types, reducing currency levels 20 to 40 percent while ensuring currency availability
  • Combines complex forecasting functionality with historical trends and known events to reduce currency outages and expensive emergency deliveries
  • Optimizes transportation scheduling, balancing cost of currency versus delivery costs
  • Combines local requirements with centralized guidelines to ensure adherence to corporate policies and controls
  • Reduces costs of Central Bank cross-shipping penalties
  • Supports centralized or decentralized currency management, including multi-site, multi-currency and multi-language requirements

Availability as either an in-house solution installed on your existing infrastructure or as a hosted software as a service (SaaS)/ASP option.