7 dominant trends for payments & transactions in 2014

Customer engagement is transforming and consumers want to be able to interact Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace.

For you this means transforming your services into the digital world, a world much more cost-efficient, much more profitable and with an abundance of options.

We at Mellon see the following 7 trends as dominant in organizations’ plans to drive higher efficiency and stronger customer engagement in pursuit of maximizing profit margins.

mellon-poland-01 Personalized mobile experiences

As consumers, we are producing more big data as we shift our behavior to digital channels, leaving a trail of data documenting our movements and actions. This data can be used to optimize and personalize mobile experiences: Mobile big data can be used for the optimization and personalization of mobile services, including mobile banking, ticketing, parking and loyalty applications. And the effect will only be magnified if one combines these applications with location data. The ability to deliver real-time hyper-local applications, will drive customer engagement and interactions to new levels.

mellon-poland-02 microSD cards

Micro SD technology allows you to own the Secure Element and the entire mobile payment solution. You stay in full control of your customer relationships and have the freedom to drive your brand’s mobile payments communications.MicroSD can be a scalable, powerful solution that puts innovative banks ahead of competitors, as it helps them to reach the mobile payment market already today. What’s more you can ensure their current handset is ready to make contactless payments within minutes, no need for them to own a specific NFC device (of those that are already in the market).User-Friendly Installation

  1. Your customers receive their personalized Micro SD card.
  2. They insert the Micro SD card into the mobile phone.
  3. They download your branded associated mobile application.
  4. Now they are ready to start shopping.
mellon-poland-03 Cardless transactions at the ATM

Consumers will soon be able to make their transactions at the ATM without their card –all they need is their phone. Here’s how it works: Consumers choose the cardless transaction option from the ATM menu and enter their mobile phone number. In seconds they receive a soft otp via sms or via the bank’s app, which they enter to the ATM along with their pin in order to proceed with their transaction. The entire process lasts no longer than a card-based transaction. But most importantly, such solutions are vendor free when it comes to the ATMs.

mellon-poland-04 Card companion app

In a fast-moving market, financial institutions need to enroll customers quickly and effortlessly, give instant answers to questions about their card products and deliver PINs securely.Consumers want an app for every area of their life –and it’s no different where their payment card is concerned. Card Companion links the payment card with the Smartphone to create extra value for your card product. Plus it provides cardholders with a consistent suite of services that makes it easier than ever for them to use their card.It’s a simple idea: you add value to your card via the app, your customers find it easier to keep tabs on their card activities, and you can increase revenue thanks to the services it enables. Services that you can provide via the app include secure PIN delivery and reminders, card issuance information, card details and even card design functions.

mellon-poland-05 Unattended payments | self-service everywhere

Whatever the application, environment or challenges, unattended payment terminals can reduce cost, increase efficiency – capable of working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days as year.They have a modular design and can be adapted to any type of automated teller machine. Sturdy and highly resistant, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. Vending Pass contactless terminals in the range are MasterCardTM and VisaTM certified.Unattended terminals are ideal for:

  • Car parking, garages & meters
  • Retail ‘self service’ at point of sale
  • Vending machines
  • Service vending (carwash, laundrettes, internet access, photo printing)
  • Entertainment ticketing (museums, movies, theme parks, sporting events)
  • Transport ticketing (toll booths, trains, buses)
  • Travel (airline check-in, car rental & return)
  • Gaming machines
  • Petrol ‘pay at pump’
  • Drive-thru entry, order and purchase
mellon-poland-06 Bring real mobility to payment

Remaining connected in the most demanding situations, even on the go, is essential to increasing business productivity and maximizing revenue opportunities. Wireless terminals enable merchants to rise to these challenges, combining convenience and high mobility.From pay-at-table to taking payment on the move, wireless terminals bring innovation and security in customer service. And when connected to the cash register application, retailers will no longer lose income from customers that were discouraged from long lines at the cashiers –they can pay at the mobile cashiers across the store.

mellon-poland-07 Cross-vendor support services

Being asked to “do more with less” has become standing operating procedure in business and government. Today, it is a generally accepted fact that finding innovative ways to reduce costs and extend the life of capital investments is an expectation. An area to explore in achieving these objectives, is moving from OEM maintenance to procuring third-party, multi-vendor service and support.A third-party service supplier provides you with a single point of contact and eliminates the finger pointing that can occur when dealing with multiple service providers. Now there are no more disagreements to resolve regarding which manufacturer’s equipment has failed and accountability and positive outcomes are achieved without rancor. And without any sacrifice in service quality, third-party maintenance can reduce costs by as much as 60% compared to OEM post-warranty agreements.