Device Manager

An event-driven problem management system that receives, analyzes, responds to and manages critical self-service device information. It is designed to make real-time management of a vast network of self-service devices easier and simpler.

Features in the device management and profitability solutions from Fiserv include:

  • Automated problem detection, escalation and service provider dispatching and management to increase the availability of self-service devices
  • Real-time tracking of self-service device statuses and currency availability
  • Enterprise-wide reporting that includes alerts about potential device tampering to protect against self service device fraud
  • Sophisticated analysis of currency activity across the enterprise to allow immediate adjustments to shifting customer demands
  • Automated currency ordering through an online portal or an automated telephone system
  • Automated forecasting of the currency needs of ATMs, branches, vaults and self-service devices
  • Support for any device or currency point type, including ATMs, kiosks, smart safes, teller cash recyclers, self-service devices, currency dispensing units and POS devices